What You Should Know when Forming Your Own Rock Band

Did you know that forming a rock band is almost the same as any other entrepreneurship venture? Throughout my career as an artist, I have developed many connections in the music world, and have been fortunate to see the process of forming a rock band, from beginning to end.

What I noticed, was that many of the steps followed, were either the same creative process for any other artist, or the same failure-proof procedures that successful entrepreneurs have followed and perfected.

Let’s talk about the creative process. Forming a rock band is not about immediately creating the hit single or the bestselling album that will put your name in the history books. As with any other venture, it is about putting the foundation, the first bricks, the basis of your entire adventure. In this case, you must begin with identifying your sound, your influences and abilities, and defining what it is exactly that will make you stand out in the genre of music. It might also be a good idea, while you are at it, to make a clear list of who you do not want to become, what kind of music you would never play or listen to, and your weaknesses.

Second, develop a support system, or a team. Whether or not they are your playmates, or even if they have no idea about music, your support team is almost as important as who you will be playing with… why? Because you will run to them crying when it all goes bad. Simple as that. Developing a support system will give you a base to create your project, and they will serve as mentors and advisors throughout the process of your band’s creation.

Third, find your sound. If you already know how to play an instrument, then grab a recorder and start fooling around with some notes. Make some samples. Record some mp3s. Don’t be afraid to hear your own voice on a recording. With today’s technology it can be modified and beautified… however, if you already know that your voice could be improved, sign up for some classes… learn another instrument… read about other musicians, and how they started too. And for God’s sake, get yourself some quality speakers! We suggest reaading through this Edifier R1280db Review.

Once you have created a few demos of what it is that you want, think of a name for your project, and the position that you wll be filling in your band. Will you be the frontman/frontwoman? Will you be the manager? Who will take care of the bookings? Are you looking for collaborative sounds? Are you willing to play other people’s songs, or just your compositions?

Create a “Media Kit” of sorts. Just google that word and you’ll find plenty of samples. Yes, your basic contact info, a picture won’t hurt… a little bio that states who you are, what you do, and why you should keep going. It doens’t have to be absolutely serious, but show some credibility. Add a CD with your demos, and a 2 paragraph description of your band. This will all serve as a proposal. Make a list of who you are looking for, what you are looking for, and how others can support you, and give it to your support system (don’t forget to spellcheck!). Drop it off at bars, local libraries, music stores and cafés, and places where you know that other music fiends gather.

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